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The Power of Good Advice.

We work with Small and Medium companies—helping several become larger enterprises— looking to accelerate value creation. We help drive growth by creating skills and jobs and strengthening their ability to deliver what they promise. We have developed high-quality knowledge, data, and analytics on a variety of topics, through our experts.


About Us

Our experts are the finest

MacroMinds is a part of Exportal India Group of companies. Founded in 2016, we have shared our expertise with hundreds of MSMEs in India and helped several International Companies in setting up their first footsteps in India.


Our Vision is to benefit both Indian Companies in getting better clientele and Indian Customers in getting better products.


Our Mission is to become one of the most popular Business consultants in India; by reaching Indian MSMEs. We offer them pragmatic and cost-effective consultation to grow their business.

Business Management Services

Taking your business to the next level

We locate opportunities to increase efficiency in the business process, create sales strategy and help you execute them by providing sales training & seminars, and ensure that your business is optimised to Deliver Results!

Business Plans
SEO & Lead Generation
Process Optimisation
Revenue Marketing & CRO.png
Revenue Marketing & CRO
Website Development
Sales Force Efficiency
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UX & Interactive
Social Media Marketing

We're Good With Numbers



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Qualified Experts




Intl. Clients

Client Testimonials

Sandeep Thakare

Associate Director, New World Paints

You helped us create SOP that act as our bible. You not only developed an amazing Business Plan but also left us a legacy fo trained professionals to execute it. Recruiting Macrominds as our Business Consultant was not only effective on results it was also economically viable for us.

Olivier Guilluy

Business Development Head, Onduline

Macrominds helped us in understanding India as a market and then helped us develop the business during the initial stages of setting up our business in India. They are our strongest ally in India and have proven to be a great asset as a consultancy firm.

Kushal Pundit

Managing Director, Industriola

Their attention to detail and personal interest in the client's growth is probably the key to success. Their domain experts know what they are doing combined with the strategist and sales experts, I believe this is a necessary investment for every MSME. Kudos Micro-Minds


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Email & Phone:

Tel: +91-85 8886 7776


Crown Plaza Mall, Mathura Road, Faridabad, Haryana, India 121007

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