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Identify and resort issues through a single, holistic window 

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Practice Assessment

Each year, healthcare organisations lose a sizable amount of each physician. It is harder to limit revenue losses when healthcare firms strive toward value-based treatment.
At Macro-minds, we think these issues can be resolved using current operational data. To identify the cause of losses, we tailor our apps by collecting financial, payroll, and billing information from all doctors and doctor groups.


Identify Gaps

The cause and extent of each loss are revealed by assessing the performance disparities among physicians. The ten economic cost and income drivers with the most significant potential are the subjects of the A10 Practice Assessment.
The ten economic drivers for physician practice performance are:
Visit Coding
Charge Master​
Payer Mix​
Revenue Cycle
​Staff Costs​
Other Costs​
Physician Compensation

Accurately Assess

We evaluate each income and expense driver using KPIs created for the facility- and physician-level assessments. Users may generate and deliver customizable, data-driven reports to all relevant stakeholders by accessing cubes designed to evaluate these facts through dashboards and reports. It offers quantitative knowledge to enable them to make the essential changes that will result in improvement.

Meet The Team


Sumit Bhatnagar

Founder & CEO

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Praveen Gupta

Senior developer Data Base

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Preeti Chaudhary

Business Analyst

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